About Us

How we started

Aloha! AMK Wedding Photography was born in 1986, as a then young Police Officer, Mark Fletcher, had a dream of producing low cost weddings with incredible quality and affordable prices.  AMK Wedding Photography was the first company in the state of Colorado to ever provide ownership of copyrights to its customers along with the actual photographs of their wedding at no additional cost. give you the copyrights.

Founder, Mark Fletcher, felt as though it was unfair to the customers to pay a photographer to photograph the wedding holding onto the copyrights, thus holding reprints hostage so they could be sold to the client at an incredible mark-up. AMK broke the industry standard and gave away all copyrights and all of the wedding pictures taken, in very inexpensive packages.  This enabled customers to reproduce their photographs at pennies on the dollar versus buying from a studio that does not release their copyrights.  We still pride ourselves in the tremendous work we do with highly trained Photographer’s, state of the art materials, cameras, as well as post editing production, providing what the individual clients want at a great price so that hopefully everyone can afford to have professional photography done at their wedding, even in this digital age.  

Some people think that having a friend or relative photograph their wedding may be the answer and perhaps for some of them that works. However, what they are missing are the years of experience that go behind delicate lighting, wedding protocol and composition and guidance.

Customer Service is our number #1 focus

Customer Service is our number #1 focus, we want to know you before your wedding arrives so that we have established some ideas, thoughts, wants and needs that are unique to your wedding.   Your wedding day is one that should be remembered throughout the years, hopefully through smiles and laughter, children and grandchildren.

Hawaii wedding
photography – servicing all islands

Headquartered in Aurora, Colorado, we expanded our services in 2015, and opened AMK Hawaiian Wedding Photography to the island of Hawaii, however still servicing all of the other islands. In most cases, our employees live on the islands minimizing travel fee’s for destination weddings and/or local weddings as well. Our photographers are carefully hand-selected and carefully trained to our high company standards, no matter how much previous experience or photography education they have had. All of our photographers must possess multiple back-up equipment, a minimum of 2 camera bodies, flashes, lenses and batteries. We don’t take chances with your wedding by a piece of equipment going bad. There is a Regional Manager on the island of Hawaii that oversees all of the weddings, photographers and delivery of your package.

Our goal is to capture it in its essence, really bringing out the couple’s relationship with photography. Every wedding is different as we have shot thousands over the last 30 years. We don’t walk in to any wedding with preconceived notions of how we think it should be done. We talk with our clients and get to know their style of photography and with our flexibility we accomplish what they want.

The Hawaiian island’s offer such natural splendor with their beaches, ocean, and unique trees and flowers. We certainly look forward to serving your needs, even if they are not photography related on the day of your wedding, just ask your photographer for anything that they can do to help you and they will be there.

We have produced work for weddings from all over the world, including work for Oprah Winfrey that was broadcast worldwide, the US Olympic Ski Team, as well as Top Secret Work for the D.E.A. We are an award winning company because we do it right.